Best MMO Mouse in 2020

Choosing the optimal mouse for your hand and your anatomical features is the most important thing when you play an MMO game. So, how do we pick the right mouse for our use? Does a higher price always mean better quality? What are some mice that can boost your performance when playing an MMO game? Here are top 6 of them for you to decide!

I remember the first time I played an MMO game. We needed to type what our character would do in a situation with our keyboards. However, as computer technology has improved, so have MMO games.

That being said, the problems of those times are similar to the problems of our times. Previously, we made typo mistakes and our characters ended up dead. Similarly, now, we make mouse-related mistakes and the same thing happens. So, it is all about the mouse and its functions.

As MMO games require your mouse to multifunction, many brands have been producing mice specially designed for MMO games. We interact with objects, collect things, get into battle, and move around with the mouse. Under these circumstances, we need to know what to look for when buying a good MMO mouse.

Before we get to our list, I would like to talk about the must-have features of a good MMO gaming mouse.

Features of a Good MMO Mouse

The first thing you need to look for is the abundance of mouse buttons. If you are one of the people who do not play MMO games, you may not know how crucial it is for an MMO game. It is a matter of life and death in the game. More buttons mean more functions and even the least necessary function could turn things around.

Secondly, it is the comfort and ease of adjustments. It does not mean it should be the most ergonomic mouse ever but it should be comfortable in your hands. Moreover, it would be even better if you could just adjust the mouse as much as you can.

Lastly, durability. Rage is in the blood of MMO gamers. Everyone gets angry at their teammates, enemies, or just their own decisions during the game. They went their frustration on whatever is in their hands, which most of the time is their mouse. So, a good mouse needs to be stable, sturdy, and “stoic”.

Of course, there are even more details of a great MMO mouse; so, we will talk about them when we break down the products.

So, let’s get to our list of best mice in 2020.

#1 Logitech G604 HERO

Logitech G604 HERO MMO MouseA list without a Logitech is incomplete. So, it was an easy decision for us to add the Logitech G604 mouse.

First off, there are 15 programmable controls, including 6 thumb buttons, and thanks to the G-hub software, you can adjust the buttons freely. If you need to refine the buttons to master your gameplay, Logitech G604 is here to provide that.

Another thing is that it has dual connectivity. What does it mean? It means you can connect the mouse and your computer with either Bluetooth or the Lightspeed wireless technology. Toggling between these two is also quite convenient. One click and boom, you change the connection.

The third thing to mention is its laser Hero 16K sensor. 16000 looks like a big number, right? However, massive numbers do not matter much in the contemporary mouse market. The technology behind it matters more than the numbers. The Logitech G604 mouse employs extremely accurate 1:1 tracking with the laser Hero 16K sensor. This is the important bit. Logitech is the leading brand when it comes to better sensors.

One more feature to go. Many mice in the industry have a weak spot, called Scroll Wheel. This is simply the weakest point of many mice you can buy in this budget. However, Logitech’s scroll wheel is as durable as very high-end mice in the market.

Lastly, I would like to talk about its power efficiency. The right-handed mouse lasts 240 hours with 1 AA alkaline battery while it goes 5.5 months in Bluetooth mode. It is awesome.

Despite all that, the mouse is quite big and uncomfortable for small hands. Unfortunately, this makes it bad for female gamers or people with smaller hands.


  • Extremely good 16K laser sensor
  • Durable scroll wheel.
  • Long battery life.


  • Not suitable for small hands

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#2 Redragon M908

Redragon M908 MouseIf you are an experienced MMO gamer, the chances are slim that you have not heard of Redragon. They have been producing really fancy, quite comfortable, and fashionable gaming mice for a bit of time.

The adjustability is one of the strongest sides of Redragon M908. Its laser sensor has 12400 DPI; however, for different sensitivity levels, you can adjust the levels to 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, or 6200 DPI. For example; if you are working during the day from your computer, you probably will not need high DPI levels. When the work is off, adjust the DPI and play your game.

They use Pixart PMW3327 which maximizes the sensor performance. Pixart’s PMW3327 gives you higher precision and better acceleration. In practice, it means it has a performance of 16K sensor.

When it comes to the number of buttons, there is a total of 18 buttons, all are programmable with optional RGB backlight. Moreover, you can disable or enable this LED backlight whenever you want. You can designate 5 profiles in the software and assign them different colors so that it will be easier for identification.

On the upper face of the mouse, you will have 7 buttons and 12 side buttons for better gameplay in the MMO. Connectivity-wise, it is not as good as our first pick, Logitech G604, as you can connect it only via USB cable. Even though the model has a gold-plated USB connector to increase sturdiness, it is a doubtful choice for me.


  • High-performing Pixart PMW3327 sensor
  • Everything is adjustable
  • 18 programmable buttons


  • USB connector

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#3 UtechSmart Venus MMO Gaming Mouse

UtechSmart Venus MMO Gaming MouseThis elegant-looking MMO gaming mouse is a flagship MMO mouse of UtechSmart. It is quite customizable and adjustable. If you are playing World of Warcraft, DOTA, PUBG, or Fortnite, the mouse can be the right choice for you.

Let’s delve deeper into its technical features. The mouse supports 16400 DPI, 12000 FPS, 1000 Hz polling rate, 30G acceleration. It means that Venus matches the quality of our first two picks; however, its Avago sensor is not as precise as the first two. That is why it ranks third place on our list. The adjustability of the sensitivity level ranges from 200 to 16400.

Secondly, there is a bunch of programmable buttons on the side. 18 programmable buttons (12 of which are on the side) are great for MMO games. Just like Redragon M908, it allows you to assign custom profiles thanks to its 5 LED RGB colors.

Moreover, the ease of use is at a very high level. Unless you have huge hands, it is convenient to reach every button on the side with your thumb. Additionally, the “Auto Fire button” makes things super easy for most games and is a good way to start improving your gameplay.

Finally, the Venus MMO’s weight is adjustable and comes with weights inside. So, if you are a player who likes a heavier type of mice, it is easy to find the perfect tune with it. It also comes with only a USB cable option.


  • Adjustable weight and sensitivity level
  • Very comfortable use


  • Not the best sensor

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#4 Razer Basilisk v2 Gaming Mouse

Razer Basilisk v2Razer has been dominating the computer accessories market starting from 2017 and the Basilisk model is quite a durable mouse. It endures up to 70 million clicks under normal conditions. 70 million clicks is a lot if you come to think of it. Normal mice offer about 50 million clicks. So, it offers higher durability.

The 20K DPI Optical Sensor is quite high-precision. It offers on the fly sensitivity adjustments through dedicated DPI buttons for gaming. The sensor automatically calibrates itself for different surfaces, be it cloth or plastic or any material. This calibration makes sure that your gameplay will not be affected by different surfaces.

Razer used a new optical mouse switch in this model. It utilizes light beam actuation; so, it transmits button presses at the speed of light. So, lagging because your mouse will not be a problem with this.

Basilisk v2 has a tilt scroll. Tilt scroll is a comparably new technology. It means that your scroll wheel does not only roll vertically (up and down) but also horizontally (left and right). It gives great ease of use. If you use the dial at the bottom of the mouse, you can adjust the scroll wheel resistance.

There is a total of 11 programmable buttons which I think is paltry for this level of a mouse. It would be nicer to have a higher number of side buttons for the best performance out of MMO games.

It has a different design in its cable. Normally, I see the cord as a negative thing; however, thanks to their design, it does not drag and gives the user better flexibility. It is still not as great performance as a wireless gaming mouse, though.


  • 20K DPI Optical Sensor
  • Tilt scroll


  • A low number of buttons

#5 SteelSeries Rival 500

SteelSeries Rival 500SteelSeries might have some problems with durability or fingertip grips. These problems have been chronic for this brand for so long that I have begun to think that it is a company strategy rather than mistakes. However, they are good at designing ergonomic, well-built, and zero recoil mice. The Rival 500 is one of them and one of the good ones.

I would like to start with a good thing. Apart from the classical black design, SteelSeries designers have created another one, which is the Dota 2 design. It looks quite fancy and a good surprise for Dota fans.

SteelSeries Rival 500 has an unrivaled side button layout. Normally, we get used to seeing numbered side buttons. Yet, the buttons are here to resemble the natural motion of a thumb. The natural position of your thumb will take a position right in the middle of the side button layout. Additionally, you can switch off these side buttons whenever you want for better ease of use.

Another thing we loved is its distinguishing alert system. You can assign different alerts for health, ammo, mana, headshots, and stuns. You can customize all types of alerts, vibrations, and durations. Thanks to its zero recoil feature, you can feel the pulse better in your palm. The tactile feedback is along the center of your palm. Consequently, you will not have to sacrifice your aim because of some bad design.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Alert system


  • Durability

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#6 Enhance Theorem 2 MMO Gaming Mouse

Enhance Theorem 2Enhance has been cherry of gamers’ cheek for a while as they produce high quality and affordable MMO gaming mice. We especially loved the Theorem 2 MMO gaming mouse as they took a big step to further their technology.

Let’s start with the buttons. There is a total of 13 programmable buttons on the mouse which you can bind them to keyboard keys and set custom macros. It gives the player the user-friendly gameplay experience. There is also a dedicated quick-fire button that is positioned at the easiest-to-reach spot. The quick-fire button is especially our favorite as it can give the edge in the battleground.

Their DPI level is not as high as the other ones on our list and that is the number one reason why it is here on the third spot. The 4000 DPI is good for many games; however, it does not provide the users with the best sensitivity that people want to reach. You can create different gaming profiles to optimize the performance for every game. For example; you can use different macros and polling rates in PUBG and you can simply change the WoW gaming profile with PUBG profile with one click.

When it comes to the weight of the mouse, you can adjust it as you wish. There are removable weights on the underside of the mouse; so, if you want to customize the feel and glide, Theorem 2 will do it conveniently.


  • The dedicated well-working quick-fire button
  • Nice grip


  • Low DPI level

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If you want to buy a good mouse to improve your MMO gameplay experience, you need to think of three aspects we listed. The first of them is the number of mouse buttons, the second is the comfort of it and the last is durability. When we evaluated all three basic features and more features in detail, we have come to the decision that Logitech G604 is the best MMO mouse in the market. However, all of them on our list have advantages and disadvantages to look at.

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