Best Silent Mouse in 2020

Want to look up for a gaming mouse that can work perfectly and be silent at the same time? If the answer is yes, here is the best silent mouse!

Are you one of those who cannot stay silent while playing a game and get angry and shout at the game? I am sure every one of us is like that. However, the fact that we are being noisy does not mean our mice should be noisy, right? Even though I prefer regular mice for maximized performance and better technology, playing with a silent mouse can be essential to some. Especially if you are living with some roommates, it is good to give them some peace.

There is a myriad of choices in the silent mouse-world; however, let’s be honest. Most of them are useless. The reason is that not many people demand silent mice and the brands do not bother themselves to create better-performing silent mouse models. Despite that, some of them can match your performance with regular mice.

Before we break down the products, let’s see how our filters were when choosing the best silent mouse. Moreover, it will be a quick guide for those who do not know what to look for in a silent gaming mouse.

Quick Guide

There are a lot of things we considered when choosing the best silent mouse but we can group them into three.

The first and foremost is, of course, the silence level. Even though we call them silent, they are not perfectly silent. These mice are close to being silent due to their noise reduction feature.

Secondly, we attach more importance to performance. Many models could not pass the test in this one. We took a closer look at the sensors, DPI levels, how they actually perform, and so on.

Next, we thought that adjustability is quite important. To get the best out of the mouse, the mouse needs to be quite adjustable and customizable. We should be able to remove weights, adjust DPI, customize lighting, or connectivity.

Then, finally, we have checked the durability of mice. A most common problem with the silent mice is the button problems when it comes to durability. If you are buying a good mouse, you would expect to use it for at least a few years.

So, let’s check our list of best silent gaming mice!

#1 Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition

Razer Lancehead Tournament EditionRazer is a brand that has been supporting professional gamers and esports teams since they were in the bud. So, seeing their silent mouse on the top should not surprise anyone. This model is clearly the best silent mouse in the market. Why?

When it comes to the design, it has an ergonomic design that is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. Its grip is very good thanks to its rubber sides. There are good thumb resting points and the bump at the bottom ensures that your wrist is supported.

Performance-wise, it is almost identical to regular mice. The Lancehead Tournament Edition employs the same sensor as regular Razer models with its High-Precision 16,000 optical sensor. You can adjust the DPI on the fly with its DPI buttons. You can program the default DPI levels with the Synapse software. The sensor is very accurate, sensitive, and precise.

Let’s continue with the buttons. You will see some of the silent mice on our list do not have enough buttons for better user gameplay experience. The Lancehead has a total of 8 buttons that you can program every one of them.

When it comes to noise reduction, the mouse reduces clicking sound by 60 percent. It is as silent as technology allows.

We can create profiles for different games. So, the same buttons will work for different purposes in different profiles. To my disappointment, we cannot assign different backlights for different profiles.


  • 16,000 extra accurate sensors
  • Abundance of buttons


  • No identifying lighting

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#2 Logitech M330

Logitech M330A best mice list is not complete without a Logitech. The brand produces every type of computer peripheral and a silent mouse is also in the books.

The Logitech M330’s design is not exactly for gamers but for those who want an extremely silent mouse. The noise reduction is down by 90 percent. So, it means that nobody in the room will hear you clicking. Except for your dog, maybe.

In addition to the extremely well noise reduction, its performance is not bad at all. The most accurate sensors in the market belong to Logitech and the M330 has quite an accurate and sensitive sensor here. However, like something bad, I would like to have a better DPI. 1000 DPI is bad even for a silent mouse. Plus, the lack of a DPI shift is due to its already low DPI sensor.

The tracking accuracy performs better than the rest of the list, except for the Razer Lancehead.

The mouse is a wireless one but thanks to the improved technology in the model, it gives no respite to any latency mistakes. So, the report rate is quite high.

Being wireless also brings better durability. The mouse has a long battery life, up to 2 years to be honest. Its energy efficiency is at its best.


  • Awesome noise reduction
  • Good tracking accuracy


  • Low DPI

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#3 Hiraliy F300

Hiraliy F300Number three on our list goes for a relatively unknown mouse brand. Yet, the brand deserved this place and looks for higher.

Let’s start with the strongest part. The PMW3325 optical sensor. The DPI can go as high as 10K and you can preset and adjust 5 different DPI options. So, aiming for a headshot with a lower DPI can be followed by the high DPI mouse maneuvers. Not a problem! Tracking-wise, it is the best performer, even better than Razer Lancehead, on our list.

There are 8 buttons and you can program 7 of them with its downloadable software. You can create different profiles and easily identify them with different light colors. Apart from the traditional left, right and wheel-click buttons, there is the DPI shift button and Lighting mode switch button on the face of the mouse. Then, on your thumb side, there are two more programmable buttons.

The design is a bit problematic here. The most comfortable way of using is to tilt the mouse a bit to your left and use it like that. Otherwise, get ready for wrist pains after long hours of using it.

Lastly, the mouse is a wired one and comes with a very light cable. Lightweight cable allows the mouse to be much more agile than it could be.


  • Agile mouse
  • Top-notch tracking


  • Not ergonomic design

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#4 VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

VicTsing Wireless Gaming MouseFirst off, I like the sleek design of this mouse. It feels smooth, comfortable, and elegant in your palms. Speaking of palms, its design is good for both palm grippers and claw grippers. If you are a claw gripper and want a silent mouse, this is one of the few good mice you can find.

When it comes to noise reduction, we see that it is quite suitable for places that require silence like libraries or dormitories. It cuts noise by 75 to 80 percent.

The sensor is unfortunately not the best one on the list. You can adjust DPI to 5 levels: 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400. I mean calling a mouse “gaming mouse” with such a low DPI is an abomination to real gaming mice. Yet, the sensor does not lose much sensitivity on different surfaces which is good.

As the title suggests, VicTsing is a wireless mouse and I liked its energy-saving policy. If you do not touch it for 8 minutes, the mouse will automatically sleep, resulting in longer battery life. So, one battery will take you for months.

There is a total of 7 buttons on the mouse. The two side buttons are easily programmable with its software.


  • Good for both palm and claw grippers
  • Long battery life


  • Low DPI

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#5 Vegcoo C8

Vegcoo C8Here is another wireless and super silent mouse on our list. However, this time it is not exactly silent. It only reduces noise with the left and right clicks and wheel click works like regular ones. It is a strange choice but let’s see.

The design is quite chic and reminds me of the old 8-bit days. Just sitting on the computer desk and feeling nostalgic now. The lights keep changing randomly and glow in the dark. You can turn it off if you want to save up some energy. Other than how it looks; the fingertip grippers will love this small mouse. The mouse’s small size makes fingertip grip easier.

The DPI (Dots per inch) is adjustable and there are 3 levels of DPI: 1200-1600-2400. As we said before, 2400 DPI is not the most suitable sensitivity level for a gaming mouse but this mouse’s sensor is quite accurate and responsive.

On top of that, there is a total of 7 buttons with 2 side buttons you can program. Just like the wheel click, the side buttons are not silent.

The weight is only 101 grams (3.55 oz) and it can be considered not too heavy and not too lightweight. It is quite handy for an average gamer and better for surfing on the internet.


  • Responsive sensor
  • Good-looking mouse


  • Not all buttons are silent

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#6 Fome I720

Fome I720Here is our last pick. To be honest, as a computer and gaming buff, I had never heard of Fome before but after looking up the technical specifications, I wanted to give it a try and ordered this model for the test.

It is a wireless gaming mouse that is low-latency and responsive. The brand tries to follow the path of bigger mouse manufacturers in this and the report rate goes as low as 1 millisecond depending on your position to the computer.

There is the little place for your pinky to rest on the right side of the mouse but unfortunately, that makes the mouse only right-handed. The design is quite comfy and ergonomic but does not support the wrist enough.

The DPI is again 2400 but thanks to the distinctive sensor the brand uses, the precision is much higher than the other two mice with 2400 DPI.

When it comes to noise reduction, the mouse cuts noise by 95 percent which is the record low on the list.

Fome I720 has 6 buttons and they claim it is programmable. Here comes the biggest problem. How do we program it? There is no software or anything I could find on the internet.


  • Low-latency
  • 95 percent noise reduction


  • Impossible to program

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As I said, there are not many top-notch mice in the market and these are the top ones so far. Razer definitely has a charm in it while the others are also adequate.

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