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In this article, we are helping you find the best gaming mouse for League of Legends. Thanks to them, the enjoyment that you take from the game will increase drastically. However, before we introduce you to the list, we would like to give you why we chose them for transparency reasons. This way, you will know what to look for in a good gaming mouse.

Tens of millions of people are playing League of Legends every day and most players want to up their games. However, when we look at the people who have similar skillsets, we see a pattern here. The ones with better gear are the ones that beat the others. So, mouse performance is the number one factor in improving your game.

Even though spending a lot of time in the game is a good way to get wins consistently, you can reach your true potential only by using the optimal mouse and keyboard. More often than not we see players complaining about not reaching their potential. The chances of them using low-quality gaming mice are far from slim.

What to look for

There are tens of different variables of a good gaming mouse whereas we can aggroup them in three. The first variable is the sensor. A good, accurate, precise, and sensitive sensor is a must for better gameplay experience. The best gaming mice have high DPI and IPS levels as well as responsiveness.

Secondly, we are looking at adjustability. Many mouse brands offer weight, size, button configurations. So, if you want a heavier mouse, you should be able to add some weights rather than buying a new one.

Lastly, we need to have an ergonomic design. The RGB lightings are good additions as long as they work well. When it comes to design, the most essential thing is comfortability. As people play long hours of League of Legends in one sitting, the mouse needs to have wrist support, pain-free design, and optimal weight.

Apart from these, we have looked into durability, consistent performance, and some other factors. So, let’s delve deeper into the products we have compiled!

#1 Roccat Kone AIMO

Roccat Kone AIMO, Best Mouse for League of LegendsRoccat is a German brand that is a favorite of many detail-loving people. Their design is always fancy, catchy, and brings lots of innovation with every mouse they produce. The Kone AIMO is not an exception in this.

Its colorful RGB lighting design glows in the dark and there are 5 different lighting zones. You can customize them as you wish, resulting in showing your aesthetics. Normally, I do not praise or criticize RGB as it is here for aesthetic purposes but this one has abnormally good-looking.

The second thing I would like to mention is its sensor. The so-called Owl-Eye sensor has the features of an owl eye. Its DPI is 16K and you can adjust it in-game as you want. In addition to that, the tracking is bulls-eye 1 to 1.

When it comes to design, we have some issues here. Even though the dirt-resistant coating is a great innovation, its ergonomics is completely single-sided. If you are playing the game by tilting the mouse to the left, you will have a pain-free gameplay experience. Apart from that, it tires your wrist quickly.

Lastly, the Kone AIMO uses a button duplicator technology and it works as if it has 24 buttons, giving you 24 separate functions.


  • Incredible RGB lighting
  • Button duplicator technology
  • Dirt-resistant coating


  • Single-sided design

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BenQ ZOWIE FK1, Mouse for League of LegendsBenQ might not be famous for its legendary mice; yet, this one is good enough to make our list. There are advantages and disadvantages just like every product in the world.

Their 3310 optical sensor gives you great tracking experience and adjustable DPI levels. However, these are preset DPI’s starting from 400 and going with 800, 1600, 3200 DPI. 3200 DPI is a bit miserable nowadays; however, League of Legends does not require big numbers when it comes to DPI.

When it comes to the design, it is very ergonomic and suitable both for left-handed and right-handed people. The sleek design adds a lot of conformity and grip power to the mouse. It simply bolsters the palm.

There is a total of 7 buttons on the mouse. In addition to the classical left, right, and the wheel-click button, there are 2 buttons on each side. So, you use 5 buttons practically.

The problem arises with the cable. Wireless mice have latency problems but wired mice have durability problems. It seems BenQ ZOWIE FK1 does not solve this problem, as well. Long-time users do not complain a lot about it the first 18-24 months but then, things may happen.


  • Great tracking experience
  • Sleek design
  • Ambidextrous


  • Durability issues with the cable

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#3 Redragon M801

Redragon M801 Mouse for League of LegendsHere comes another wired mouse but this time it solved the potential cable problems with its superior technology. The Redragon M801 has an elegantly authentic design that looks ready to jump your enemy’s bones.

Let’s start with the sensor. The M801 delivers up to 12400 adjustable DPI with 30G acceleration. The sensors also provide gamers with extremely good responsiveness in your games. So, you will never be able to blame latency or sensitivity for your in-game failures again.

Apart from that, even though it is designed especially for First-Person Shooter games like COD or Overwatch, its ergonomic design fits for LoL, too.

Another strong point of the M801 is its adjustability. You can fine-tune the weight, DPI, and RGB lighting. As you get better, you will demand more weight in your mouse and you will not need to look for a heavier mouse. Just place more weight.

So, the buttons on the mouse. As we said before, the M801 is a better design for FPS games so it has a quick-fire button. However, you can reprogram that button along with the rest of the 8 buttons. You can also register different profiles for different games. However, the problem is that you cannot find the software to program the buttons anywhere. They fail their users because of that.


  • Adjustable weights
  • High DPI and 30G acceleration
  • Authentic and ergonomic design


  • Impossible to program

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#4 Corsair Harpoon

Corsair HarpoonThere are two Corsair mice on our list and this is the better version of it even though the other one is pricier. The Harpoon mouse’s contoured design makes it a perfect fit for both claw grippers and palm grippers. The rubber sides give a nice grip and resting point for your thumbs. However, the worst side is also here. The mouse is very small and unless you have a small hand, you will feel that it gets lost in your palm easily.

When it comes to the optical gaming sensor, it employs a high-accuracy 6K DPI sensor. The Corsair engineers have improved the tracking system compared to the previous models and it is at a very good level now. Other than that, its responsiveness and report rate is awesome as it is a wired mouse model. You can configure your DPI easily and it has an onboard memory; so, it will keep it as it is forever.

On the other hand, there is a total of 6 fully-programmable buttons and you can actually program them in detail. You can just do simple remaps or customize macros. The mouse and its software handle these tasks easily.

Parenthetically, RGB lighting gives breathing, pulsating effect in-game as feedback which is fun to watch itself.


  • Improved tracking system
  • Easily and handily programmable buttons
  • RGB lighting feedback


  • Minuscule mouse

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#5 Mionix Naos

Mionix might not be a very famous mouse manufacturer; however, its durability is top-notch. I do not know how exactly produced, but it is surprising not to see many people complaining about cables rupturing, USB connection not working, and so on.

In addition to that, they have a configurable 3200 DPI LED-optical sensor which is a bit outdated, to be honest. However, the response time is less than 1 millisecond which sounds promising. The bad side of the sensors does not end here and it delivers only 40 IPS (inches per second) which shows a lack of good tracking. There are the 7000 and 8200 DPI versions of the same mouse but I guess the brand produces 3 of them each year and they are long gone.

On top of that, their ergonomic design is nothing but to admire. It provides gamers with the maximum grip possible, good resting for their thumbs and wrist. It is perfect for palm grippers and it performs above-average for claw grippers.

Third of all, let’s talk about the buttons. There are 7 fully programmable buttons. Through the software, you can create different profiles for different games. So, for example; you can create a profile for LoL, another one for Dota 2, and so on. Assign different controls, simply remap, save, and start playing the game.


  • The best durability
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good button placement


  • Low performance

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#6 Corsair M65 Elite

Corsair M65 EliteCorsair M65 Elite could be a high-flyer on this list, could even top the list but it has a problem: Consistency. The mouse we bought for our tests worked perfectly and I was going to pick it the clear winner. Then, I saw the user reviews on the internet saying that the left click does not register after some use. I gave the mouse to my nephew and he still uses it with no problem. As there is no problem with the warranty, I did not want to cancel it out of the list but inform you about the consistency problem.

Other than that, it is a perfect mouse with 18K ultra-sensitive, exceptionally accurate, and awesome tracking. You can adjust the DPI in 1 DPI increments, giving you total control over your mouse.

Secondly, the M65 Elite’s weight is adjustable, you can make it as light as 97 grams (3.42 oz). It is not a wireless mouse so responsiveness and report rate is not a problem here.

Lastly, the total number of buttons is 8 and all are programmable. Just assign custom macros and enjoy the victories in LoL. There is the precision sniper button, as well. You can use this button when you want to instantly reduce sensitivity for crucial shots and clicks.


  • High sensor performance
  • Adjustable weights
  • Awesome tracking


  • Aforementioned left-click problem

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To sum up, once you decide to buy a gaming mouse, do not rush and decide instantly. Make your research, compare lots of products before buying. Do not forget that a good mouse can take you for a few years at least.

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